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Keyboards are essential to interfacing with computers. Housed in aluminum, foil, glass, stainless steel, or silicone, Industrial keyboards are rated IP65 or IP68 and can include a mouse button, joy-stick, mousepad, or numeric keypad.
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Indukey TKV-105-TOUCH-MODUL-USB, TKV 105 Key IP65 TouchPad MODUL Stainless steel (USB)
  1. InduSteel Integrated capacitive touchpad
  2. Positive tactile feedback
  3. Robust and durable
  4. Resistant to dirt, dust and liquid (IP65)


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Indukey TKG-083-MODUL-SILVER-PS/2, TKG 83 Key IP65 MODUL Silver (PS/2)
  1. Robust panel-mount keyboard for frontal integration
  2. Threaded studs on the reverse side ensure an easy integration
  3. IP65 resistant against dirt, dust and liquids
  4. Soft typing through switching elements


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Indukey TKS-88c-TOUCH-SCHUBL-USB, TKS 88 Key IP65 TouchPad SCHUBL (USB)
  1. Designed for 19“ rack (1 RU)
  2. Integrated capacitive touchpad
  3. Positive tactile feedback
  4. Key emboss frame
  5. Chemical, abrasion and scratch resistant frontsheet
  6. Resistant to dirt, dust and liquid (IP65)


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Indukey TKG-104-MB-IP68-GREY-USB, TKG 104 Key IP68 Mouse Button Grey (USB)
  1. Silicone keyboard with 104 keys
  2. Integrated mousebutton
  3. VESA boreholes (75 x 75 mm)
  4. IP68 protection, can be submerged into liquids
  5. Can be cleaned with soapy water, disinfectants or other cleaning agents


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